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May 26, 2018


Dentists can SMELL your fear

(Thanks to Roberto)


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The best defense I know against dentist fear is to eat a couple of bean,cabbage,onion and garlic burritos before your appointment. You'll only be in the chair a few minutes, tops.

I said, "SPIT!"

Can we bottle this?

Is there a market for this "fragrance?"

The more you say the harder it is. Also keep your eyes. Open (I think)

I have the opposite problem. My dentist has to keep telling me to open my mouth as I start to doze off in the chair.

They can also smell how much money you have in your wallet.

May I suggest the following:
a. Leave pins and needles home
b. Prop up in dentist chair
c. Shine down toes
d. Leave. cake at home

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