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May 17, 2018


'Last seen humping any b***h in heat' Scorned wife shames cheating husband in 'lost dog' posters put up across Scottish tourist town

(Thanks to John Finn)


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This dude never learned the two rules of being around a woman.

Rule one: The woman is always right,don't mess with them.
Rule two: When in doubt, refer to rule one.

One wonders why she has not divorced him.

Wow! Even I'm not this mean.

Sure, there is all the other stuff, but "praying on women" doesn't sound necessarily all that bad...?

She just needs to have him neutered.

Do they make Neuticles ™ in his size?

"Narcassist": One who assists the police by turning in his doper friends.

"Praying on women": Among the least-satisfying activities on may perform on women.

Not sure whether this is a warning or promotional material.

This backfired when she made the mistake of including his phone number.

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