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May 17, 2018


‘Today I saw the tins in the cupboard and I thought “I wonder if them tins have got all of the letters of the alphabet in” so I thought I would find out.

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "Get that Nobel Prize ready.")


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For people who can't take the stress of watching paint dry

Didn't "Tins in the Cupboard" open for the "Doors" back in 67 ?

Where is the breakdown of each tin by letter?

I'm more curious about why someone wrote a story about it.

@ Rudolph--We also need to be worried about the editor who allowed this story to be published. Perhaps an increase in their meds is called for.

Scrabble Soup

With alphabet pasta, "Mind your P's and Q's" is now "Mind your H's and A's" and "Mind your P's and F's".

@Le Pet - My guess is he's the new guy, the editor sent him out to do the story as a prank, but the new guy actually wrote it, and the editor published it to further make fun of the new guy. It's the only logical answer.

How de he decide which were "M"s and which were "W"s?

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