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May 30, 2018


The Kraft Foods brand's new venture (aka gimmick) timed for dads' big day on June 17 — and grilling season — is a trio of meat-scented candles.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "No beer scent?")


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That is, like, one of the wussiest stock photos of a guy grilling. I guess it goes with the candles. I must admit that I was impressed with their statement that they have worked "months" on 'perfecting the scent.'

When Mr. MOTW grills or smokes (and we have several grills), it makes the neighbors jealous. And that doesn't come from burning meat-scented candles from the back deck.

If they want "...to evoke memories of dads grilling and cooking during the summer and special occasions," they should be working on the "RightGuard/PabstBlueRibbon/MarlboroRed/LighterFluid-SaturatedKingsfordCharcoal" scent. THAT would take me back.

The dad in that picture needs a taller grill.
I can just imagine the look of joy on my 85 year old dad's face when I present him with these candles. I think I'll just stick with a card and the latest John Grisham book.

Stixnstonz, I'm with you on that, though with my father it was Kents rather than Marlboros.

They will need to warn people NOT to eat the candles, or burn them at both ends.

I'm also surprised they don't have a bbq-sauce scented candle. But maybe they shouldn't fake that.

I agree with MOTW. That is one wussy grill picture. If you were caught with that grill in Texas, you would get deported. And aroma candles at a backyard cookout? Wearing one of those shorts suits and designer sandals while grilling would complete the picture of absolute wussyness.


Why isn't he wearing a romper with that apron?
Also, the apron doesn't appear to have pockets.

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