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May 29, 2018


Bizarre moment woman shaves her legs as she sits on the edge of a busy hotel swimming pool in Florida

(Thanks to Geoff, Rick Day, Jeff Meyerson, Allen at Division and John Lobert)


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She it would be bad manners to do it in the restaurant.

In all fairness, Gillette Venus's commercials make leg shaving look like a festive group activity with music by Shocking Blue. Though, somehow, they failed to enlist this lady as a model.

At least she wasn't shaving her underarms or other body parts, iykwim.

Everyone there should be thankful her legs were all she shaved.

I'm assuming her moustache was conscientiously groomed away at the breakfast bar.

Yeah, remember the woman who crashed her car heading for Key West? She had her ex-husband take the wheel so she could shave her (ahem) bikini area to be ready for her "date" with the new guy.

here she is

Women, leave shaving to the men. And like Jeff has shown us, bikinis and short skirts should be banned.


They'll need more chlorine for the pool, and my eyeballs.

Having an extemporaneously variegated past, I have dated a few Megan Barnes'. I have a discolorating mark to prove it.

I had a bicycle I named Wild Thing when I was like twelve.


Seems we should all add an "Ethel, don't look" to that!

I read all the comments and still I clicked. That was - special.

Where's Capt. Ahab when you need him ?


I can't locate the unsee button.

I live in a 55+ condo community that I like to call End of the World (a play on its real name). You wouldn't catch me in the hot tub. It looks clean enough, but I know it has to be a bubbling cauldron of dead skin and a$$ matter.

Note to self - do not read blog during lunch... I feel ill...

5*Snork@ Clankie!

And guys, she is single.

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