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May 23, 2018


Froot Loops is adding a new flavor

(Thanks to Bill Carver)


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Follow your Nos.

In other news, Shredded Wheat to add Passion Fruit and change name to Shredded Passion (which is what mine has become since I turned 60).

I was hoping it would be Irish whiskey flavor.

Be still my beating heart. Although, Unicorns in Lucky Charms, sounds like a winner!

Maybe strawberiberi

I'm confused. Froot Loops are all the same flavor, just different colors. Are they actually adding a new shape with its own standalone flavor? That could seriously mess with the universe's karma.

Does this mean that we have finally reached Peak Quinoa"? Has the Great Kombucha Scare of 2018 gone the way of the Great Zika Scare of 2016?

Does this mean that the USPS is going to make stamps that taste like Froot Loops?

First we learn of new scratch and sniff postage and now a new Froot Loops flavor.

Some people are going to need to change their Depends.

At my age, I would vote for Viagra flavored Fruit Loops.
This also goes for postage stamps.

the Great Kombucha Scare of 2018

Oh, I tried that. Someone told me it was "healthy". It's horrible. What the hell is that, liquid kale? (another trendy foodie thing that tastes truly awful.)

Brussels sprouts, cheese or not.

Fruit Loops has flavors?

LaurieAnn- Sadly the FDA has declared sugar as a flavor.

To enhance the new flavor make sure that you use cockroach milk.

I saw this on that 24-hour news channel that repeats the "breaking" news every hour until you change the channel...

this is why they say "no news IS good news..."

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