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May 30, 2018



(Thanks to MOTW)


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Bud Light and Clamato. Served warm. The favorite drink of those sentenced to Heck.

"The beer that make you wish for waterboarding."

Personally, I'd skip these abortions and go straight to the

Sorry - messed that up.

Bum wines.

One more time.

I think those are just the worst beers in North America. If it was the world, they'd have the Schwein* Beer I had in Frankfurt. It tasted like they had poured ham drippin's into the glass. Looked like it too, first beer I ever saw with an oil slick.

* Yes, that means what you think it means.

Cue Monty Python...

I needed a Zantac after reading the list. Fermented anchovies not listed as a flavor rich mix saved me.

As the late Richard Jeni said about Clamato juice, "Who the hell looked at a glass of tomato juice and said, 'You know what this needs? Fish!'"

In Canada they call the mix of beer and tomato juice "Red Eye", and it is supposed to help with hangover. If I was hang-over and somebody gave me that drink I would probably beat he world record in projectile barfing, currently standing at 11'9'.

Remember that beer makes good slug traps for the garden.

Someone figured out a way to make Bud Light worse.

I worked as a bartender for a while back when. If I would have offered to pour Clamato into any of the regulars beer, they would have beat me to the floor into the discarded cardboard beer cases next to the pre microwave Landshire sandwich maker. I would have been lucky to not have been stabbed with my own knife. A lot of guys landed in those discarded cardboard beer cases.

Bud Light and Clamato or as the french would say: "Chatoe-la-feet'

What about Billy Beer?

(Official beer of the Geezer Bus?)

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