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May 05, 2018


San Diego warrant seeks Argentinian man in global witchcraft sex extortion scheme

(Thanks to Douglas Frost)


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San Diego needs to be moved a further distance from Latin coiuntries.

I can't tell you how many morning each week I drive to work and say, "there's another woman from Guatemala or Paraguay being humilatated and extorted from, but that other woman from Switzerland is not from the neighborhood."

Headlines we never thought we'd see.

Proof that this is not the 21st century we were dreaming of.

Here in Geezer Acres we have a Mexican bruja (witch) who promises to find you a lover for only a case of beer. And she does. The only catch is the lover is the witch herself and she's happy because few customers stick around long enough to drink more than a couple of beers out of the case.

Have any of these people ever thought about going to a single's bar?

Hey, I own a mirror. Magic may be required before I get someone interested. Or maybe alcohol.

Sounds like a heck of a Kickstarter.

But did it work?

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