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May 02, 2018


Kangaroos hopped up on carrots are attacking tourists

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My next visit to the zoo will include the line “mobs of kangaroos hopped up on carrots”

Don't feed them kale.

I get it - "hopped up."

Didn't The Hopped-Up Kangaroos open for Men at Work?

Taunting animals with food is never a good idea. If some idiot reads this article and decides to test whether it is true, he not only invites, but deserves, the predicted attack.

ATTN Mr Barry:


A masked and hooded man dresses in black pants, black trimmed in gray hoody, and mostly white gloves - held up a McDonald's

and all he took was a box of Monopoly game cards and "vouchers" for the contest. Police refer to him as Knifeman, The lady detective stated,"Although he had
his face covered, it is possible that someone may recognise his clothing, or may have heard someone talking about this robbery."
The store's video CC captured images of the man storming in, grabbing the cards, and menacing employees.

Glasgow Metropolice said the man was black, (which would make him an easy one to find - in Japan) - and those recognizing his size and eyes, should call "101" after country code "44" and ask for Scotland Metropolitan Police not Yard.

PS I tried to post on comments after the news links on your contact page but got kicked off...pls accept this KNIFEMAN STORY from daily news Glasgow, Scotland

Sorry about above mis-posted

Tourists who give kangaroos -CARROTS - mistaking them for a large gray rabbit that TALKS - should check in at the local hospital for "hallucinations due to alcohol or drugs".

Tourists who THINK they are feeding CARROTS to a tall skinny RABBIT that says, "What's up.doc" - should definitely stop drinking and carrot feeding - and watching too many Bugs Bunny cartoons...

Which came first - the kangaroo tourist attraction or the hospital right next to it?

The key is to feed them peanut-butter smathered carrots. They will be so busy trying to unchew the gluey peanut butter they will have no time to fight....

from an old Skippy episode....???

PS don't feed kangaroos anything. You are contributing to the deliquency of a "joey" if you do.

(Public service reminder)

If you feed them, you will roo the day...

Hopped Up on Carrots WBAGNFARB

This should settle the argument over legalizing "medical" carrot use.

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