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May 15, 2018


More 24 Is On The Way At Fox With Original Creative Team

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Form a perimeter, dammit!")


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Division stands ready to provide an endless supply of incompetent supervisors for CTU...

Jack has been undercover, playing a less powerful role in the US government, namely President of the United States. Let's hope Jack returns to the higher level position of 24 Operative and Thigh Shooter.

Jack Bauer and the Thigh Shooters WBAGNFARB.


Sure hope Jack does come back. I already have two seasons worth of summaries written, and have been waiting to post them until Jack shows back up. Writing the summaries before they write the show makes it a lot easier.

Shouldn't "Creative," be in quotes?

Somewhere, Chloe is smiling (such as she can) and limbering up her fingers.

I need to start cruising the alcohol adds for gin and vodka.

I know of a lady who would love to bake the entire cast some of her dynamite brownies.

Dammit, Chloe, I need satellite coverage NOW!

Establish a perimeter.


"Jack undercover" does not sound that appealing to me.

Trump era Jack. Rogue Jack travels to North Korea. Pretends to be Kim's friend. Kills him with a Vegas hooker.

Jack unleashed. Rogue Jack and Rogue Chloe become nuns. Kill everyone with kindness.

Rogue Jack dons an eye patch. Drinks lots of gin searching for the container of toxic nuclear black pearls. Jack saves the world with a rubber pirate knife and a slingshot.

Good grief, how many days are they up to now? Stretching ~7 days of story out over 15 years...

Suggested title:"24" The Bauer Legacy"

Suggested Plot:"Jack uncovers another plot to take over the United States using Sharknados.

Marwan returns and tries to sell Shark Bait. And Edgar reemerges as the Frankenstein-monster-like director of the CDC, who wants to vaccinate everybody as his "revenge. "

[In the background, Fox is negotiating with former Presidential speech-writers...]

Of course they will bring back Audrey, which will ruin the show for everyone (again).

Begin with the script for

"The Wisconsin Dells Park Melee"

Commence timer

Is Jack the designated survivor?

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