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May 02, 2018


Budweiser releases new beer based on George Washington's handwritten recipe

(Thanks to Another Ralph)


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It turns out that recipe was for washing soap.

Seems more like a publicity stunt than a beer.

Can't see one of the Budweiser refineries producing anything like what Washington made at home.

But, what the heck. . .its kinda beerish.

Mole asses? What do they do with the rest of the moles?

Hope its not the recipe from Valley Forge. Things were pretty sparse there.

Ralph, you don't want to know.

Will the new Freedom beer slogan be: "You can't keep a good beer down! Guaranteed to exit your system with half a day!"

Wonder what Martha thought of washington's brew...

I never tasted a Budweiser that I would cross the Delaware for.

What the heck is a large sifter...I'm asking for a friend.

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