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May 17, 2018


Two airline passengers are arrested for smuggling TWO KILOS of gold bars in their rectums after Sri Lanka customs officials notice their 'suspicious movements'

(Thanks to Michael Moyer, who says "This is exactly why I have a strict policy of not accepting bullion as payment in my office.")


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"Rectum?!..." etc., etc.

"I'm your host, Mailyn McCoo...And now, the Solid Gold Dancers with their version of "Shuffle Off to Sri Lanka"

Put your money where your .........

(Cue the 007 music) Goldfinger! He’s the man, the man with the golden..um...er...

Maybe a new Willy Wonka contest ?

Naturally their movements were suspicious.

I can see a remake of the movie: The Man With the Golden Arm, after some of the usual Hollywood tweaks. The result will be a real stinker.

The inspiration for the next James Bond film, "Gold Rectum"

That's a buttload of gold.

Wasn't "Suspicious Movements" a big Elvis hit?

Yeah, the lyrics are, "We can't go on together with suspicious hinds..."

Two kilos each? That's over 4 pounds. Talk about a major motion of Congress.


Second door on the left.

Mind the gold fixtures.

So they told the doctor "AU! Get it outta there!"

Periodically, I get the jokes here.

I’m sorry for the customs officials, especially if they thought they had got a glamorous job foiling international smugglers.

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