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May 25, 2018


About 18 miles later, he told the trooper that he stopped for gas and found a black handgun sticking out of the Honda's front bumper.

(Thanks to Dave French and Le Petomane)


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At least it wasn't a concealed carry

Mysterious Flying Guns first appeared at the Allamont Music Festival.

That model of handgun is known for its superior grip.

Y'all remember all those stories about people who stop after a long trip and find some animal inside their bumper, like a raccoon or a hawk or whatever? Maybe there's a group of people who hunt those critters, and this is either a) a failed expedition or b) their basic technique.

When he finds out how much it's going to cost to replace that bumper he's going to wish he'd kept the gun.

At least the driver was not wrestling with his dawg.
Think what could have happened if it was inside a Maytag ove-- oh, nevermind.

I know ammo is expensive, but this is ridiculous.

The Honda Pistols have been recalled as they may backfire.

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