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May 31, 2018


Goose vs. baseball.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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What's his ERA? I'm willing to be flexible on the whole human thing if he's a good relief pitcher

NMUA - Her ERA is outstanding. She throws goose eggs every inning.
But for obvious reasons she can't pitch in the MLB (being, you know...a girl).

You need Randy Johnson to deal with those birds. You can find the video on the U-Tube.

So, at the end, did the umpire call a fowl?

Someone had to say it. . .

I'm pretty sure the umpires should have invoked the infield fly rule on this one.
In case anyone else was worried, I read on another site that the goose was fine and was relocated outside of the ball field.

"Infield fly" indeed. Nice one, NC! *S*

My bet is the goose was cooked soon after being relocated into an oven.

Stadium... Pull Up...

Stadium... Pull Up....

Goose Gossage was unavailable for comment.

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