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May 30, 2018


Cheese Rolling champion breaks record at British contest

(Thanks to Michael Parry, Rick Day and Bob Brogan)


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That must be the best cheese in the world!

Is "cheese rolling" anything like rolling a "doobie"?

And if it is, why would you want to roll a Doobie, Brother? What have they ever done to ewe?

"I've got nothing to prove now, I'm happy," Anderson told the BBC.

The Secret of Life is cheese rolling.

This is not a fair and balanced contest if they don't also have an award for Champion Cheese Cutter.

Rock would never have been the same if they'd called themselves " The Rolling Cheeses ".

Now I know who moved my cheese.

Now I know why my ancestors immigrated to America. They just couldn't cut the cheese.

I once had a French cheese explode in my refrigerator. All that was left was da brie.

The Rolling Cheese is a tribute band for the Beatles, I think.

Five people lost teeth in the event, but no one noticed

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