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May 27, 2018


Snake takes over front door to NASCAR team's office

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Smoke’s fans are coming out of the woodwork again

It was Kyle Busch.

They should have called the king, Richard Petty. He would have shot it. Several years ago Petty got into trouble for pushing a car off the interstate. He said it was going too slow in the fast lane and he forgot he wasn't racing at the time of the incident.

That was just a harmless black snake that one of those fearless NASCAR drivers could have picked up using a pair of gloves to save being nipped. Then they could have released it in some rival's car.

Le Petomane is correct. I have one or two of these living under the crawl space under the extension in the back. Last week two of them, while doing unseemly things to each other, crashed through the hung ceiling unto the pillows on the bed in the guest room. Much embarrassment for all concerned. Put on some gloves and showed them the door.

“What issss your favorite color!”

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