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May 24, 2018


...you don't want to know.

(Thanks to OldPhil)


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Naming your tapeworm takes parasites to a who.e new level — a level previously only occupied by lawyers


At least I didn't have to look at the picture like his mom did.

They need to have a "Teddy the Tapeworm" bobblehead night.


Five minute major for Unexpected Dumping.

He's ready for the Twins.

"Teddy the Tapeworm will be appearing at ..."

McLuhan's 15 minutes of Fame rule...

When I saw the headline "Hockey Player plays game with Tapeworm", my first thought was "Wow, who knew tapeworms could play hockey?"

Order your Teddy Tapeworm right now! They are the only support worms that are guaranteed to help you lose weight. They also make great gifts. All of our Teddy Tapeworms come with monogrammed leashes. But wait, buy two Teddy Tapeworms at the regular price of only $59.95 and we'll send a third one free! Sold only Online from Wormy Wayne's Worm Emporium.

Le Petomane
Wait. Was that on the HSN last night about 3:22 AM?

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