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May 25, 2018


This season's hottest makeup trends: FAKE FRECKLES and more

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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My cuddle cow looks great in freckles.

Want freckles?
What you will need:
One child (less than one year old works best)
One plastic spoon
Chocolate syrup (for brown freckles)
Strawberry syrup (for red freckles)

Place a small amount of syrup in spoon and attempt to feed child.
It may take several applications to get to get proper effect.

Finally I'm in style! I've been fighting my freckles and red hair for years.

FAKE FRECKLES (tm) are fashion AND fun rolled into one!

You'll be the envy of parties and the reason for spontaneous and hilarious games of connect the dots on YOUR face!

(This is not pushing the envelope; this is pushing our buttons.)

An alternative to taking all that valuable time to paint all those fake freckles is to vomit and burst the blood vessels in your face.

Don't they have spray guns run by an air compressor used to apply make-up these days? I think our receptionists carries the spray gun and compressor in her purse. But if I ever need the security fence painted...

We used to get that same spotted look when we got chicken pox.

My mom would have been licking her thumb and scrubbing my face something awful.

Mom Spit!
World famous cleanser andspot remover.
Known and used for millennia!

Why would someone want to look like Howdy Doody?

Geezer bus tickets who anyone who can name that cow!

PB- D0 you mean COWABUNGA?

Years of therapy about her freckles were wiped away after nursecindy read the comments under this post. Howdy Doody???

When I was a kid we did this with magic markers. Mom wasn't pleased, and little did we know we were decades ahead of this "hot" fashion trend.

Message to nursecindy:

Surrender Dorothy!

ImNotDave: Sorry, but wrong answer.
The correct answer was "Who was "Clarabell?"

NurseCindy: Not freckles, angel kisses ;)

Thank you PirateBoy. I won't smack you now.

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