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May 31, 2018


Hotel Valet Manages to Escape from a Porsche After Driving It Under Another Vehicle

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder, Rick Day, John Lobert and Jane Linderman)


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Does this mean no tip?

That'll totally buff out at the car wash.

A little Bondo and nobody will ever know.

"I'll create a parking space where there isn't one. Hold my beer, mate"....the perfect dialogue if he had done this on a dare....

Only the Special Limited Editions have these markings and forward designs.

Oh, the humanity!

So [a href="http://klaq.com/ozzy-gets-his-license-at-62-and-crashes-his-ferrari/"] Ozzy Osbourne [/a] is working as a valet now?

Oops. Let me try that again.

So Ozzy Osbourne is working as a valet now?

"You do know this is going to affect your tip, don't you?"

I remember parking cars at a Christmas party in 1977. I had to park sticks. I didn't know how to drive sticks. It was a miracle, but I didn't crash any of them.

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