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May 25, 2018


Can seaweed make cow farts less potent?

(Thanks to Doug Hamilton)


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Fine, if you want milk that tastes like sushi.

Getting cows to swim in the ocean might be an issue.

If this does work it will make cow cuddling a lot more pleasant.

How about kale?

Ermias Kebreab ==>
See karma bribe
Amber bakeries
Babies make err
Be braise maker

Nobel or Noble Prize winning topic here.

wanderer2575--I believe feeding kale to cows could cause a massive cow uprising like the one in the animated short, "Cows With Guns." This spawned "Chickens in Chopers" and we know the squirrels would use this opportunity to start the Squirrel Apocalypse. Oh, the humanity!

Turf and Surf Special.

Who knew cows crave seafood?

Taxpayers pick up the check for this one.

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