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April 15, 2018


Why Some Cold Cuts Make Iridescent Meat Rainbows—and Why They're Still OK to Eat

We saw IMR open for NRBQ.

(Thanks to  Chris Johnson)


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I believe this is known as "the potted 'The End' of the rainbow."

At least the second letter was not a "T"

Iridescent Meat Rainbows used to open Johnny Rotten shows.

Why am I suddenly hungry for Skittles?

The Colors! The Colors!
Sorry, I think I just had a'60 s fllashback!

Old cold cuts are safe to eat, unless they start moving, or grow hair.

Qaz--Back in my college days I had some old cold cuts in my dorm room fridge morph into a colorful ULF (unidentified life form). It grew green hair like a butt-breathing turtle. I decided it might have turned, so I did the right thing and put in the public kitchen where anybody could have it.

@LePet - That's very kind of you.

I’ll take a pound of rigid grid necessary for diffraction, please.

Uh huh.

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