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April 30, 2018


Rogue cat named Pepper rescued after running loose in JFK International Airport for 8 days

(Thanks to Steven Pudlo)


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Do they have TSA documentation?

I don't think the cat was "rescued". The cat was fine, there are plenty or rats and mice there, so he had his food supply, plus plenty of place to run, hide and rise havoc - all a standard cat needs to be happy.

That cat got on his flight quicker than most people.

On a positive note...JFK no longer has a mouse problem.

Did I get this right?...the cat likes Tang?

I used to also, but lately can't find it on grocery shelves.

Smart cat did not want to go to China although dogs are even more at risk of becoming the main course there.

Last month's JFK rogue cats included Misha, Norm, Odette, Quentin, and Roy. Apparently, Pepper arrived late. Probably a flight delay.

Called by its Madarin name ... which was Chicken Chop

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