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April 26, 2018


Bizarre four-foot 'mutant' florescent fish spotted in lake - and no-one can explain what it is

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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North Carolina?

Chief Inspector Barry requests nursecindy's assistance to get to the bottom of this fishy case.

While employed on the case, you will be reimbursed the expense of all the tarantula burgers you consume or use as bait for this blue creature.

Godspeed and report back your findings as soon as you can.

I think I've seen one of those before. It's called a Bullshit Fish. Funny how its tail appears to be a feather.

evilroy may have recognized a blue tail feather, self-cooking catfish. They originated in the Chernobyl region of Russia, but lately the population has spread to North Carolina. If you are lucky enough to catch one, it sheds it's own skin and starts cooking itself to perfection and the flesh will never spoil, even without refrigeration. To add to their economy the skin will double as a night light for over a year.

Then again, it could be a bass lure filmed to look big.

Hey, spell-check genius: it's fluorescent.

@MOTW - auto-correct can go to he'll!

Plasticus aquaticus is a common invasive species that appears in many colors, sizes, and shapes as individuals or colonial aggregations.

The EPA, and the Departments of Energy and the he Interior, regard it as an insignificant consequence of increased fossil fuel production.

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