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April 28, 2018


Naked man on ATV leads police on wrong-way, highway chase in Kansas City

(Thanks to Ron W. And Kevin Smith)


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Multiple Choice Saturday!

A. "Don't look Ethel!"

B. Strip search ready.

C. Seat will need major scrubbing.

D. "How long will this take? I gotta get back to work."

This is Les Nessman reporting on a disturbance at a gas station. Pardon me,sir, did you see what happened?

"Yeah, I did. I was puttin' gas in the car when he streaked off the loop. Came roarin' in wearing nuthin' but a smile. My wife was going inside for a soda. I hollered, 'don't look, Ethel.' but she'd already been mooned. He turned the other cheek and headed back to the highway on a yeller ATV being chased by a dozen cop cars, a helicopter an' some old lady driving a Honda.
We don't see things like that in these parts very often."

You can do that and still pass the driver's test in Mn.

I think Steppenwolf said it best.
Born to be wild!

Just a spring-y ride? Showing off your hide?

In certain sectors this would be called a "booty call."

Hmmm... so where does he keep his license?

@fractalist - Ask yourself: Do you really want to know?

Miami Beach, here I come!

The naked man on the ATV has his good points. He obviously has nothing to hide and he will gladly turn the other cheek.

Tom Brokaw denies responsibility, but does admit hearing a loud pop right before the guy refused his insistent advances.

Naked man on ATV
Doo-dah, doo-dah

As some poet said: "He took the road less travelled....and forgot his clothes."

I believe that there are two groups that you should never trust in what they say:
1-Anyone who wears a bow (or string) tie.
2-anyone who is paid for their option.
Therefor the only person who option should ever be trusted is:


Bow ties are cool.

What Doctor Who said.

Does he get an honorary Fla. drivers license?

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