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April 14, 2018


'He’s my guide rabbit!’: Bizarre claim by man carrying a bunny in a bag who says pubs won't serve him

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Harvey, is that you?

*climbs aboard the Geezer Bus*

Many European people still have a fear of rabbits after that terrible incident with a Caerbannog bunny.

A guy goes into a bar with a bunny in a bag...

"Won't serve rabbits, huh? Them's fighting words!"--attributed to Mr. Bugs Bunny, when asked to comment

I bet somebody was hopping mad when they got thrown out of the pub.

Calling Gloria Allred.

I don't know why Scots pubs wouldn't serve rabbits. They're tasty.

This bunny is my "spirit" animal.

But i bet they’d serve a Welsh rabbit.

(Yes, I know)

Just name the rabbit Hasenpfeffer

and it will be served.

If they are allowed in , won't the dogs chase the rabbit and.......catch it?......

The bartender thought the guy was a hare over the limit.

When I was a kid, my guide rabbit was a keychain. With just the foot.

Snork at fractalist! You sure don't see those things anymore.

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