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April 26, 2018


Staring at boobs is just one of six easy ways men can live longer


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Having been a guy for over 50 years I offer the following advice.

If you follow Tip #3, practice Tip #1 VERY carefully.

And Tip #4 definitely puts the damper on Tip #2.

Did not read - you mean like watching the "boobs" on CNN or Fox News? I find it annoying.

The research team almost blew it when they requested that the grant be paid in one-dollar bills.

♫ ...I'm gonna live for-ever!... ♬

If you read it in the NY Post you know it must be true.

I predict that guys who stare at that picture for too long will go blind.

Unless, of course, you get caught.

But I don't want to move to Washington D.C.

I started out totally agreeing with this study. Then came tip#4, which made me start to worry. Now tip# 5, as we say in new Mexico, is when the cheese fell out of the taco.

Nsures Cnidny - Yuoo may have a piont theeere.

Can we get a Hallelujah?

This should fill the visitor's gallery at the Capitol.

"What do you attribute your longevity to?"

"Several Charlote Mckinney posters I have placed strategically around my Red Nitro Euro Style Rollator Rolling Walker."

Okay, I have no idea what the other five tips are, and I really am not interested in finding out.

"I predict that guys who stare at that picture for too long will go blind." - nursecindy

I'll just look until I need glasses.

I'll Risk an Eye.

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