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April 25, 2018


Disney erects giant Woody at Hollywood Studios

(Thanks to Peter [heh] Metrinko)


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I could that one coming.

In Texas, erecting a giant woody in public is a hanging offense.

This headline may be too hard for some people to understand.

Modeled after the infamous blue Stockholm apartment mural, no doubt.

Did they cryogenically freeze that too?

Yes, he is very happy to see you.

For some reason, I was thinking there was a woodpecker involved.

Fractalist - I'm guessing polystyrene.
(Cue: Woody Woodpecker theme)

I worked in a toy store when the first film came out and did receive a call from a lady asking about a 12 inch Woody. We got several inquiries and all had to keep a straight face.

I guess that outdoes TSU's 10' Johnson.

Obligatory: Ride 'em cowboy.

Did Jesse have a hand in this?

Le Petomane

Here in Texas Our Wood is huge.

Thank god it wasn't Woody Woodpecker. I think that's one character Disney still does NOT own.....

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