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April 24, 2018


Do not click here.

(Thanks to ImNotDave)


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"vascularized composite allotransplantation" never opened for anyone.

They can do this entire procedure in 12 hours, but it takes the city road crew two weeks to fix the pothole on my street?!

The only noticable side effect is when he gets an erection, the garage door opens.

I hope they made sure the donor was fully deceased first.

Does Hallmark make a card for this?

Do they offer an optional extended warranty?

I read about this sort of work in Mary Roach's book Grunt, The Curious Science of Humans at War. I recommend this book, even though it's not one of Dave's.

Saved again by the "hover cursor over link" thingy.

Some assembly required.

Johnson 2.0

This is of no value to guys who have given their 'left' one.

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