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April 16, 2018


Stay the hell out of the ocean.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Jeff--I sent this article to a friend. He will sending his mother-in-law to a seaside New England resort for a much needed vacation where she can go swimming. He said to tell you "thanks."

The scientific term for a collection of filter-feeding basking sharks is "The American Bar Association".

These sharks are too busy basking to chomp anyone's limbs.

Donald Trump always hated Massachusetts.

You don't have to worry unless you are plankton. Le Petomane's friend will have to chop his mother-in-law up real small.

The only thing more dangerous that basking sharks is a Basking Robins.

If you shiver, they think you are one of them

*SNORK* @ K...


Basking Sharks WBAGNFARB! Hello to all the fine folks on Dave's blog.

Lawyers need not be alarmed.

I believe this happened in 2013.

In Australia, if it existed, these would be called "guppies."

Anybody dumb enough to swim in Long Island Sound now, or any other time for that matter, would WANT to be eaten by a shark.

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