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April 15, 2018



(Thanks to Mr. Ridley Pearson)


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Someone invented this while flying to Sardinia.

That would work with really dense business people.

Send this to Gitmo

How about also including an involuntary enema?

Hi crimes and misdemeanors.

If they add hand cranks for passengers to spin a generator to power the airplane and dress the stewardesses in leather and furnish them whips to motivate slow crankers, we would have a modern version of a slave galley.

I heard a rumor United and other airlines already have working prototypes.


Passengers will ahve to wear chaps to sit in those seats. NEIGH i say!

Just made a decision. If I can't get there in my pickup, I don't need to go. Period.

Thanks to Mr. Ridley Pearson and may I suggest.

I believe I flew this on this SouthWorst plane last month.

La Petomane,
I heard they are hiring people to beat drums so as to synchronize the hand cranking.
But I have been known to be wrong.

Hmmm... it's a trailer for a new horror movie.

How much is a Greyhound bus ticket going for now?

Why don't they just pack us in styrofoam peanuts and put us in a box ?

They look like motorcycle seats.

I don't see any overhead or seat room for my business junk.

someday, maybe soon, Christ will return to taki his on a plain air ride!

Clankie, if they pack people in popcorn or real peanuts they won't need to serve any meals or snacks. More savings!

Tight fitting seats. Only for skinny people.

I wanna go packed in a poppy seed..

@Clankie - if they did that, they could stop wasting money on those soft rubber tires!

Now I'll have to leave my lap top at home. Not my computer, my actual lap top.

I love how "testing" the seat is in a trade show hall with only two rows and most of the seats empty. It should be in a mock fuselage, 50 rows both sides of a center aisle, and packed with 299 "average girth" fellow humans. I hope it's a potty saddle, you're not getting out of that seat in a hurry.

Claustrophobics of the world, say AAAAAAAGGH!

It could be worse...

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