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April 14, 2018


Louisiana Woman Creates Frog Bikini

(Thanks to Ralph)


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She must breathe through her genitals?

Seems she's getting the level of recognition she deserves.

French, is it?

At least she found a use for the entire frog. In the old days we just ate frog legs and it was sad seeing all those legless frogs rolling along in their little wheelchairs.

Kermit, we hardly knew ye.

DECEPTIVE HEADLINE. I thought she had created one for the frogs, especially Kermit.

For a minute there I thought she was putting little bikinis on frogs which would just be stupid. This is the type of person that would eat a Tarantula Burger.

I thought the same thing, Cindy.

Some people claim handling frogs can cause warts. And this gal is wearing them...uh, never mind.

Is she with Marvel or DC?

Frog Bikini opened for Dick Dale and the Del-Tones.

Heckuva show.

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