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April 23, 2018


When he first caught the mosquito, he thought it was extraordinarily big. However, he has only recently confirmed it to be the largest mosquito in the world.

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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Looks like a crane fly to me.

This is what happens when mosquitos feast on peopole that feast at fast food places--like the people, they get BIGGER!

One would think they couldn't possibly have a population problem with monsters like that in the wild. o.O

Minnesota mosquitos make the Kessel Run in 11 parsecs.

First it was a fly, now I can see some mad scientist entering a teleportation chamber with one of these mosquitoes that will be transported with him, giving birth to yet another bad sci-fi movie.

You would think mad scientists could hire a decent pest control service.

Don't be silly - Hollywood would *never* put out a terrible remake/reboot/reimagining of a classic movie. They are chock full of original ideas!

Proof you can't keep a bad sequel down: Mosquito Man was a 2005 SyFy original movie.
I don't remember it being nominated for any awards.

It was on vacation from Australia.

The CIA wants its bug back.

Years ago, through hearsay, I heard about a radio station in Florida that had a competition for who could send in the biggest mosquito. Word is, someone in Alaska heard about the contest and sent in one of their mosquitoes. It would have won too, except it was disqualified after the station determined it had been cross-bread with a turkey.

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