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April 27, 2018


Researchers can now keep a pig's brain alive outside of its body

(Thanks to Chris Johnson)


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voice from speaker at drive-thru
'Hello. Welcome to Brain-in-the-Box. May I take your order, please?'

Yeah .. uhh, let's see .. I'll have a Chopped, hold the gore; a Whiplash, and an Abby Normal .. that's all.

Disembodied Pig Brain often opened for Pink Floyd.

Before the scientists continue their experiments, they should be forced to watch an old sci-fi movie called "Donovan's Brain" to give them an idea where this could wind up.

GREAT! Now we'll never get rid of the kardashians.

But can it sing "Under the Bamboo Tree"?


But the operative question is "why?"

P.S. It didn't work for Walt Disney, did it?

The government will soon cancel funding for Project PigBrain. Too much swilling at the public trough, and the media senses pork.

Now if only we can keep a brain INBSIDE our pigs.

Florida Chief of Police

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