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April 30, 2018


Trucker gets lost in the woods with truck full of chips, doesn’t eat any

(Thanks to Jane Linderman and Matt Filar)


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A man...
gets lost in the woods...
with truck load of chips...
and doesn't eat any...

FAKE NEWS is a real phenomenon.

Obviously this was not the trucker who was hauling the meth.

Fortunate it wasn't a beer truck, or he'd still be back in the woods. But happy.

There is a high better than beer..
just get. You 15-20 cats and entertain them the possible forever home for 5 hours straight..no breaks. Then repeat the next day.

Were they Cape Cod chips? I wouldn't eat them either.

When a knucklehead truck driver can't tell the GPS is wrong when it tells him to leave a nice paved highway and take an 18 wheeler off on a narrow, muddy logging road, it's not surprising he left a truckload of food to wonder aimlessly in the wilderness for a few days.

Didn't "Truck full of chips," split the bill with the Flying Nacho Brothers?

Chips are food?

I don't blame him. No dips or burger.

Does the Pope chip in the woods?

ubetcha, I absolutely agree about Cape Cod chips. I once bought two bags because they were on sale. I gave the other bag to my daughter and told her I bought them because I loved her and was thinking about her. She didn't believe me.

... and the cargo was returned to its rightful owner, Trump Casino.

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