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April 24, 2018


12-year-old Got in a Fight With His Mom, So He Took Her Credit Card and Ran Away to Bali

(Thanks to Jon Harris, MOTW and Matt Filar)


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You have to admit, he was pretty resourceful.

"The only time Drew was questioned about traveling alone was at Bali customs."

Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger,
You may see a stranger across a crowded room....

Send him to Washington, as Scott Pruitt's replacement!

I will guess this kid has a poster of Frank Abagnale in his room. However, "Catch me if you can" has already been filmed as a major motion picture.

Kids these days. I'm sure he'll be in therapy for the next 25 years.

I bet that was a long flight home after he was caught. When I was a kid I just went in my room and slammed the door.

He was being Bali-gerent. heh

Extreme free-range kid.

Kudos to Ralph, taking the event through development and into final musical production, giving the lad full credit.

The trip gave the boy a Bali High.

(Coincidentally, that's where he will enroll in the student exchange program in 4 years.)

He should be in commercials for Southwest Airlines. "Wanna get away..."

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