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April 24, 2018


Man Battered Boyfriend With Singing Fish

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and Ralph)


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Did he dip him in an egg wash first?

By the way, not only is Big Mouth Billy Bass incredibly annoying, he is seriously creepy, so I applaud the boyfriend for tossing "him" in the trash.

Tongue Twister Tuesday!

Beer batter big-mouth Billy Bass!

(Repeat phrase 5 times fast)

The BMBB can be reprogrammed to have a wide range range of songs and comments. I wanted to program one to give the combination to the safe.

This was apparently nobody's normal song and dance routine.

Was the perpetrator in the middle of getting a haircut while he was being arrested? (See picture)

Big Mouth Billy Bass will be singing a different tune after this incident. Might I suggest "Pray for the fish" by Randy Travis.

We're gonna need more tartar sauce.

He gave him a good bass-kicking.

Mmm! Batter! Can we make pancakes?

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