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April 26, 2018


Florida photographer Doc Jon recently captured an image of an osprey carrying a shark, which has a fish in its mouth.

(Thanks to Noah Spicker)


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The circle of life.

Admit it, you lust did your best Elton John impression.

I admit that "lust" and Elton John do NOT enter my mind simultaneously.

As far as the wildlife photograph:

Take THAT Australia!

So much for fish schadenfreude.

I once took a picture of a taxpayer supporting a politician who was eating his own words.

John Madden is now considering a different Thanksgiving specialty combination than the turducken...

Reminds me of the "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" nursery rhyme.

So an osprey losing his lunch could be what inspired the sharknado movies. Somehow that makes sense.

Isn't the photo missing a python or two?

And yet, Florida still comes in a distant second to Australia in odd nature photos today: https://twitter.com/MaverickBistro/status/989113768364818433

That bird better hope it doesn't run into that shark's mamma.

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