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April 27, 2018


Adventurer Plops A Wriggling Grub Into His Ear And Lets It Eat His Excess Ear Wax

(Thanks to Chris Johnson)


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The process was painful for Chekov.

Not to mention Van Gogh.

If anyone has ever seen the classic Night Gallery episode with an earwig, voluntarily letting a bug crawl in your ear is totally stupid. Especially if the bug turns out to be pregnant and lays eggs while supposedly munching on earwax.

Still more recommended than ear candles.

There is no way I am clicking on that link. (There's bound to be a picture of something I don't want to see.) Ew.

Some guys will do anything not to use a Q-tip

"Gives a whole new meaning to the old westerns that said 'sit down and have some grub'....right?"

Boy, Elf Odin and Le Pet hit it right on the button for me. I had nightmares after that Night Gallery episode.

Hydrogen peroxide works better and it's not icky. You don't even want to know what he does for an ear infection. Hint: It involves urine and a friend with a good aim.
I also saw that Night Gallery episode and it took me weeks to get over it. Thanks a lot Le Petomane.

Isn't that why Q-Tips were invented?

funny man, you should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. They taught us that in nursing school and I've never understood it. At least he didn't use a Q-tip and then leave it on the sink for his wife to throw away. Why do you guys do that?

Wriggling Grub WMAGNFARB

I said "Put the SHRUB over HERE!"

Actually, it's a Babel fish.

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