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April 16, 2018


...can be found somewhere other than here.


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Def: Amended tax Return.

Proper form stating 'OK, you got me' filed soon after the government finds evidences you failed to report income you were sure they would never find in a million years.

Brilliant, Dave.

As the french say, 'Comet tally, vous?'

Tax preparation is where all that trigonometry we took in high school finally pays off.

I walked past the tax protesters outside the main post office to mail my state and federal returns.

I wanted to inform the speaker that George Harrison's The Taxman is not considered a substantive source by most tax professionals. Maybe by Yoko, but I'm not sure if she counts.

I like the Closet Full of Snakes.

Tax forms? "We don't need no stinkin' tax forms!

Considering that this column was originally published in April of 1999, Dave was astoundingly jocular with Y2K looming on the horizon.

How did Dave manage to mention the Geraldo puke factor and leave out Springer and Obama? Exsqueeze me.

Clankie. Don't use big, hard to understand words like long division, trig, etc. Millennial's are reading this.

Manual - Was that a typo, or is your brain frazzled from staying up too late to do your taxes? Lol...Why would a 1999 article mention a 37-year-old junior (and virtually unheard of) senator from Illinois??

Taxes are the price we pay for freedom. Someone explain that to me.

Mr. Stonz - I was under pressure thinking about the asteroid and the idea a community organizer could wrestle Dave to floor and inject his special medicine into his neck. I didn't even know Dave knew *HOW* to wrestle?

Le Dud,

See that black van in front of your house???? They are here to give you the IRS colonoscopy for asking that question.


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