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April 26, 2018


An Ohio police officer made amends with a local firefighter by presenting him with a cake reading: "Sorry I tased you."

(Thanks to Noah Spicker)


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What, Hallmark didn't have a card covering this situation? I'm surprised.

Markhh beat me to the line

Mistazing is surprisingly common. Hallmark requires that you use the customized printer — from a very close distance

To which the firefighter "responded" by giving the police officer a subpoena inside a Hallmark card.

The firefighter should have "hosed' him

This is simply shocking

"I'm sorry I tased you, Ricky, but there is simply no patient unloading in the red zone."
"Now you're back with that white zone, red zone crap again. Let it go. The white zone has ALWAYS been for patient loading and unloading only."
"Ricky, you're beginning to make me angry. You know what happens when I get angry."
"Darcy, one more time. There is no patient loading and unloading in the white zone."
"Ricky, eat your cake."

Cupid has a whole new arrow.

Cake covers a multitude of sins.

Nobody ever game me a taser to use on out of control patients. This is so not fair! They were probably afraid I'd use it on some emergency room doctors who would have totally deserved it.

Our new Buckeye motto - "Ohio: We're Pre-Florida"

nursecindy - I think there's a warning in your personnel folder about,
"Does Not Tolerate Boo-Boo-Headed well. Do not give her a taser or weapon."

(correction: Boo-Boo-Headed people or just Boo-Boo-Heads)

MOTW, I don't tolerate either one of them. One time I did chase a paramedic around an ambulance because he'd made me mad. He made a remark to a patient about how he would have taken them to a real hospital but our's was the closest one. I handed the patient over to another nurse and then went outside to open up a can of butt whip. A highway patrolman who was there saw what was going on and grabbed me. He said he didn't know if he should shoot me or the paramedic. When I told him what he'd said he replied he should have shot the paramedic. No one was tased during this incident.

I might have to have a coffee cup made for work. It would be interesting to see who from Legal would ask if there was a back story.

Some days I rule the Boo-Boo-Heads.
Some days, they rule me.

Soon to be a hallmark channel movie. Zapped by Love!

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