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April 29, 2018


Police stop golf course brawl that involved weapons and resulted in broken bones

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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For a shot like this you should always use a 9 iron. It's also polite to yell, "Forearm!" right before you hit the ball.

I've always felt that golf was just a hockey precursor.

Full Contact Golf gives new meaning to the phrase "play-through."

This would almost make golf worth watching.

Police responded to the fight on Friday at Greenway Hall Golf Club in Stockton Brook (England), racing onto the course in golf carts to keep things from getting worse.

I wanna see the video. With "Yakety Sax" playing in the background. Betcha golf carts look really cute with flashing lights on top of them.

The Chuck E. Cheese Invitational Golf Tournament is off to a rousing start.

Regarding the tweeted picture of the police golf carts, was that OJ in the lead one???

If this is what slow play leads to, Roger Fox would never make it out alive.

"Hole in one I'd say!"

Where is Tiger Woods when you need him?

Golf applause.

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