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April 15, 2018



We saw Multiplying Gerbils open for Very Angry Badger.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A problem solving headline:

"Elderly Poughkeepsie woman adopts two rescue cats."

I didn't know gerbils could multiply but I knew some snakes are adders.

*snork & groan* @ AmoebaStampede

Agree with Klezmerphan. By the way is Klezmerphan a medicine for ED?Just askin!

@amoeba - those are very smart gerbils. I need to use a caluclator to multiply, and a long division, in my case is very, very, very long.

Where is Richard Gere when we need him?

@Mikey123 - my screen name is derived from the fact that I am a fan of Klezmer music (Jewish folk music which originated in Eastern Europe. In Yiddish, "klezmer" means "musician").

Not being a person of the male gender, I am unable to comment as to Klezmer's ability to aid in certain, er, delicate situations. However, as my grandfather used to say about using Noxzema* for any ailment, "It couldn't hurt!"

*Anyone who remembers this is free to join me on the Geezer Bus.

I not a person of the male gender as well .
I will mosey to the geezer bus with yu since I remember it quite well.

And what if they were dividing Gerbils? Enquiring minds want to NO!

funny man-I believe amoebas divide, gerbils multiply, snakes are adders and the cats subtract. We may have this cleared up until the next comment.

But where do square roots come in? Are they animal, vegetable, or mineral? Or just incomprehensible?

isn’t square root astronomy? Or maybe it’s pastrami
’ I’m never certain on those things

Now that you have asked, square root originated in the ancient Island of Atlantis where scientists were studying the Square Palm Trees. The scientists there were very interested in mathematics but before they could work out an understandable explanation for the Square Rooted Palms or algebra, their island sunk.
Historians have always regarded this as a bad event.

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