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April 17, 2018


Robotic battle squirrel

(Thanks to Dave Kearns)


Guy Breaks Into GameStop Wearing The Plastic Wrap A Case Of Water Bottles Comes In As A Mask

(Thanks to John Lobert)


Alligator casually strolls around Florida motel: 'Maybe he was just looking for the tiki bar'

(Thanks to Ralph)


Way back in the Nineties there was a CBS sitcom called Dave's World, in which Harry Anderson, then a big TV star after a long run playing Judge Harry T. Stone on Night Court, played a newspaper humor columnist named Dave Barry. Dave's World ran for four years, during which I got to know Harry a little. He was funny, obviously, and very smart, but also amazingly low-key and grounded for someone with that level of success in showbiz. He was, above all, a nice guy. Along with many others, I'm deeply saddened by his death. My favorite memory of him involves the time, during the first season of Dave's World, when I had a cameo role on the show, playing the part of a guy competing with him to buy the last air conditioner in a store during a heat wave. As the credits rolled -- this was Harry's idea -- he and I attempted to play a guitar duet of "Wild Thing," despite the fact that I'm a bad guitar player, and he really couldn't play at all. I can't seem to find the video of that, but here's a still photo.

Anyway, goodbye to a funny and good man.

Update (thanks to Judi): Here's video. Our "duet" starts around 18:40.


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