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March 06, 2018


New Mexico town battling growing skunk crisis

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says "Growing Skunk Crisis toured with Hoobastank.")


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Hagerman is just South of Roswell. I can see flaws in their plan of trapping the skunks on one side of town and releasing them the other, but they will eventually figure that out.

I wonder how big can a skunk grow. If it reaches the size of Godzilla, I'm moving to Sahara - no skunks there.

Keepe le Out

Wasn't there an article a few days ago where a guy burned his house down ridding it of skunks ? Hire that guy, he's a professional.

There are homeless around the area who can make the growing skunk in crisis eyes water.

Wasn't Obama raised in a log cabin in the small town of Hoobastank? Could have been Humblestank.

My guess is that they are "released" with a .22 to the head. That is not what a peace officer wants to tell the press and have any peace. There is no closed season or bag limit on skunks in New Mexico; they are an unprotected species.

Le Petomane, so it was skunks that brought down the Roswell flying saucer, and we risk the wrath of aliens if it happens again?

How do you safely move a healthy skunk in a cage? Don't they resent that sort of treatment?
Won't they rescent .....strongly?


Nancy Bee: If you use a trap that is small enough so that the skunk cannot raise its tail, it is unlikely to spray as long as you don't bang the trap around. Skunks like to give warning before they empty their super-soakers.

I have moved them simply by picking up traps, carrying them 100 yards away from a house, putting them down, and opening the door. Most animals will bolt out of a trap as soon as they can – not skunks. They take a while to adjust to the idea, then amble out to check out the situation. They seem to have no fear unless provoked, for good reason.

If it's a small skunk in a larger trap, one can use a plastic tarp to cover the trap while moving skunk and trap to a more suitable habitat than the culvert at the end of one's driveway. 'Super sprayer' will be exhausted by time to release the skunk, but the tarp will need to be aired out for a long time though. Heavy-duty welding gloves are a good idea, too. If there have been any reports of a rabid skunk within a few hundred miles, the .22 solution is advisable.

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