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March 26, 2018


Captain Beany’s Baked Bean Museum Of Excellence

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Is this an example of what is meant by, "He's gone barmy"..?

Also be sure to visit the Gas-Ex museum across the street.

No idea what was in that video. Couldn't take my eyes off the head tattoo.

Let's hope the bathroom fan can handle the strain.

UPDATE, Captain Beany has been knighted, now to be known as "Sir Farts Alot".

"...the museum is the fourth highest rated attraction in Port Talbot..."

The other three are:

The Pet Rock Museum
The Diet Water Museum
The Toenail Clippings Museum

The kitchy inflatable chairs are a nice touch. I wonder what he used to inflate them with.

Visit the Funeral Museum If you can't afford to go to South Wales, this might be a lot closer for you. It's in Houston. Not too far from the bigger airport on the north side of town. I'm guessing the happy children shown visiting are just thrilled beyond words to be there. I also think it is on one of the Geezer Bus's regular routes.

Head tatoos! I thought his comb over was trying to escape!

Don't forget Catherine Zeta-Jones' childhood home.

One imagines that an extractive aircon exhaust system is turned on during all visiting hours.

Captain Beany needs a button affixed to his smart blazer that reads:


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