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March 13, 2018


America's Drunkest States

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Well, what else is there to do in North Dakota (other than visit Dave's lift station) or Alaska? And Wisconsin is a no-brainer, right padraig?

Maryland would have had a higher score except that we've had almost SIX NICHES OF SNOW this season and most of us are hiding under our beds waiting for spring!

Trying to start a brew-ha-ha.

We're number 43! If I lived in some of those states where their temperatures are in the negative for most of the winter, I'd drink a lot too. I hate cold weather.

Need reading glasses again — misread the headline as "America's Drunken State".

I was never surveyed. IN should be at #32.

Oklahoma is #44?? I think they are still distilling their own mountain dew and won't admit anything to any outsiders. That was the case when I was a teenager and sneaked across the Kansas line (dry state) to buy illegal booze in Oklahoma.

And no Happy Hours in Alaska or Free Ladies Night promotions. If you are going to drink in Alaska you are paying full price. And that will be $11.00 for the Amstel, Miss.

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