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March 13, 2018


Italian photographers showcase 'top model' chickens in new coffee table book

(Thanks to Neal Reilly)


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"When we buy the chicken, we contact the farmer and the farmer invite us to photograph some chicken in an exhibition."

Wasn't Chicken in an Exhibition a piano suite by Mouseorgy?

If you're going to photograph chickens, you have to be prepared and not go off half-cocked

@Ralph: "The Great Gate of (Chicken) Kiev."

I saw the Top Model Chickens open for Green Day...

Hot chicks, terrible lighting.

More proof that chicken photographers are perverts.

The scientific analysis.

When jealous of other models, the chicks will peck and claw the offending model. And they eat like birds....
so they really are LIKE models...

* snork * at wanderer...

The chickens taught them their language. The photographers tried to teach them their hand gestures, but were unsuccessful for some reason.

Books like this are why I got rid of my coffee table.

Cool menu.

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