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March 13, 2018


National Trust apologises to Cornish after appearing to endorse putting cream on scones first

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Getta rope!

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, ketchup on hot dogs is still tolerated.

Wars have started over less.

Are you a Big-Endian or a Little-Endian?

"Creaming the Scone" is a very difficult move done by snowboarders.

Ich bin ein sconer.

These scones are better without cream.

Cultural cues are very important.

In Cornwall you get jammed before getting creamed.

In Devon you get creamed then jammed.

In Indiana butterscotch sauce may be applied at any stage.

Build a wall around scones

A rolling scone gathers no cream — problem solved.

Things like this are exactly why my ancestors immigrated to America.

I didn't know sconces were edible. And would putting cream or jam on them improve the lighting?

What? Oh. my bad! Not the same thing...I see...

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