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March 08, 2018


Man frustrated by long Emergency Room wait time steals ambulance from Villages hospital

Guess the state.

(Thanks to Michael Parry)


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In the not to distant future, self-driving ambulances will steal themselves.

Maybe a Starbucks in the ER room would help all concerned.

Danny Lee Konieczny ==>
Kindly cayenne zone
Keenly annoyed zinc
Leniency yanked zoned
Any leniency zonked
Cyanide Ken zen only
Cozened yak, el ninny

I noticed yesterday that one of our "Buy Here, Pay Here" car lots has an ambulance for sale. If this guy reads this, and is interested, just let me know.

Konieczny was found hiding in the trunk of a vehicle parked in his garage.

More than Attention Deficit Syndrome going on here?

MOTW: Cyanide Ken zen only

Obviously sick and tired of Barbie's constant drama.

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