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March 25, 2018


Angry customer attacks golden arches at Oregon McDonald’s

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and B'game)


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Why didn't they make his double cheeseburgers? If he could pay for them I don't see a problem. Enquiring minds, mostly mine, want to know.

Refusing to sell 30 double cheeseburgers to a paying hungry customer is ample reason to storm the golden arches. Those idiots tending the counter should have seen this coming.

He probably also would have dipped Wendy's pigtails in the inkwell.

Rather than saying no, shouldn’t the response be “Do you want fries with that, sir?”

While his order of 30 double cheeseburgers was unusual, it was not that unusual. Ordering a Filet O' Fish on the other hand would be alarming.

Heywood -- that's the only thing I ever order at McDonalds. Even the fries are lousy, but a nice soft, hot Filet O'Fish is a wonderful thing. And they're always hot, soft & fresh because nobody ever orders them except me! Bwaaaahaaahaaa.

When I was teaching English in China in 1986-87, students wrote a conversation at a fast food counter that included the phrase “We have sold our allocation of hamburgers” — I wonder if I need to post a retraction of my correction

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